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Pamela de Brí

Statement to accompany this work: I am interested in how art fits into society and how artists have used their work to comment on or respond to our changing world both socially and economically. Images can control our consciousness and can determine our visual horizons and perspectives. Art can break boundaries in a subtle way and can critique the values and trends that result from social or political changes.

Title: "Art is like the slimy trail of the snail as it wanders through life"(Video)This is a reference to a comment made by Francis Bacon about his work and I heard it quoted by Gary Coyle at a seminar in IADT this year. Beuys once said that everyone is an artist, Picasso reckoned that 'after Altamira, all is decadence'! With this work I am exploring how art can critique itself a humourous way.

Title: 'The Flushes of Fódla'(Installation using wax, sand, heat-lamp and wooden box and Video)This work is exploring the vagrancies of the Irish economy using both video and installation. Both work in harmony with each other using contrasting materials. 'Fódla' was a member of the Tuatha Dé Danann. She was the personification of Ireland and her name, along with Éire and Banba have been used to refer to Ireland

Title: 'see you, see you'Video diptych, 12 minsThe video is a comment on life in 21st century IrelandPamela de BríMedia: oils, acrylics, print, photography and video.Pamela de Brí’s work incorporates her interest in Irish culture, language and traditions with the changes that are happening in 21st century Ireland.

Telephone No.: (087)6616863


Bog 50 x 70, Factory Space, Capel St, Dublin, (April)
‘Le Chéile’, Graphic Studio Gallery, Dublin, (March)
‘Unit 69’, Warehouse, Tallaght. (February)‘Kildare Artists’,
Market House Arts Centre, Mullingar, Co. Westmeath. (February)2008
‘Taispeántas Chlub Conraidh’, (December)‘Raw Sienna @ The Bay Tree’, Athy, Co. Kildare, (December)
Celtica Festival, Port Arthur, Australia, (Nov/Dec)
‘Oireachtas 08’, Cork. (November) 2007
Third Degree, The Cube Gallery, Dublin 2005 Junktion, IADT, Dublin

Joe Nagle
Telephone: (01)2806267

Media: Glass, acrylic, metallic paints.
Joe has developed an unusual art process of reverse painting on acrylic sheet. This gives the painting a luminosity and sculptural quality. The slightly reflective surface together with reverse painting technique provides and added curiosity to the viewer.


2008 Timbuktu, Pallas Contemporary Projects, Dublin
2008 127TH Annual Exhibition , Royal Ulster Academy of Art
2008 Sculpture in Context, Annual Exhibition, National Botanic Gardens
2008 Hidden Depths, Graduate Exhibition, IADT, Dublin
2007 Believe me, I believe me, Back Loft @ La Catherdral Studios, Dublin
2007 Third Degree, The Cube Gallery, Dublin
2005 Junktion, IADT, Dublin

Public collections:

2008 Office of Public Works

Roma Przedpelska

Telephone: (085)1573234

Media: Oils and pastels.

Roma Przedpelska’s intention is to keep her work in the realistic style. She uses subjects or objects to represent attitudes or feeling and injustice that are present in contemporary life.

In this project she used still-life to study and interpret reality. Fruit and vegetables, like rocks, have a state or quality of being physically heavy but like fresh flowers they age and fade. They express the solid and changing beauty. This is how she is portraying life through art.


2008 Hidden Depths, Graduate Exhibition, IADT, Dublin
2008 RHA Unselected Show, The Bad Art Gallery, Dublin
2007 Letting On Holding Go, IADT, Dublin
2007 Speaking The Image, The Pavilion Theatre, Dublin
2007 The Portraits of Lost and Found, Cornucopia, Dublin
2007 Believe me, I believe me, Back Loft @ La Catedral Studios, Dublin
2007 Margin, OPW, Dublin
2005 Junktion, IADT, Dublin